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Adamit Park: Our first stop, situated in the upper galilee on the border with Lebanon, providing breathtaking views of the Western Galilee and Haifa Bay all the way to the Lebanon border, including Nahal Betzet and Nahal Namer (“leopard gully”).

The park’s main scenic road is one-way only. After entering the park gate, the road turns left and circles Khirbet Idmit from the east. Further along it arrives at the park’s upper parking area. From there, I recommend the easy hike along the Terrace path to the Arch Cave (Me’arat HaKeshet in Hebrew). The path is concrete paved and easily accessible for everyone including handicap. The cave is really interesting as most of the cave roof collapsed over time leaving a narrow strip of rocky land suspended over the void like a hanging bridge. We happened to come on a cloudy day but the view of the Galilee valley all the way to the Mediterranean was simply breathtaking regardless.

After visiting the Arch cave, you can simply return to the parking lot on the same path that you arrived or continue eastward along the top of the cliff following the red markings until you arrive at Amir lookout. From this vantage point, you have a beautiful panoramic view of the Upper Galilee from the coastal plain to the Meron Hills.

Garden Trail: Another hiking option if you have more time and don’t mind a healthy exercise is the Garden or Orchard Trail which winds through the forest following wooden signs. This path offers different views of the North and the Israel – Lebanon border.

Next Stop: Hanita; Just a short 10 minute drive away is Kibbutz Hanita. This is a historic place. Originally established as a tower and stockade settlement in 1938, lower Hanita served as a weigh station for the the original settlement group before they reached the top of the hill, where the Kibbutz still stands today.

At the upper end of the forest on the way to the Kibbutz, you will see a reconstruction of the original tower and stockade site. Located in the Kibbutz, we visited their wonderful museum (Stone House) that documents the history of the settlement which was built in response to the Arab riots of 1936-1939.

They have original documents relating to the purchase of the land as well as archeological findings from the area, including an original mosaic floor from the Byzantine church of the 6th-7th century. My personal favorite was the 30 minute movie that you can view in the museum that shows the entire history of Hanita. It is in Hebrew but you can request English subtitles.

I am usually not much of a museum person, but I can tell you this one is really interesting and worth the trip and expense. (About 20 Shekels or $5-6 a person).

Lunch Break: We happened to be traveling with my good friend Barak who is very familiar with the area and he recommended a local Lebanese restaurant in the area called Arazim located in Shlomi (at the base of Hanita). They primarily serve fresh grilled meat with authentic Lebanese salads and fresh pita for appetizers. I would recommend it. The food and service were excellent.

Final Facts and Directions

Interesting Fact: This area sits right on the Israel border with Lebanon. The site of the last Lebanon war. In fact from many locations you can see the security fence and into Lebanon territory. The desert like landscape past the trees below is Lebanon.

Getting to Adamit Park 

Drive east from Shlomi for about 4 kilometers on the northern road (Route 899). Just before Moshav Yaara turn northwards on to the winding road (my son loved every minute of it) that climbs up to Kibbutz Adamit (Route 8993). The entrance to Adamit Park is at the top of the hill, about four kilometers from the junction below and shortly before the entrance to Kibbutz Adamit.


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