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Israel Travel Secrets Revealed is the only travel guide to reveal the authentic hidden gems of Israel along with the most popular family attractions.

How do we know? 

Israel Travel Secrets Revealed

Well, after falling in love with this land and the Israeli people, we chose to make Israel our home (you can read lots more on the About Us page). Yet, even after living here for years, we came to realize it’s impossible to fully grasp the richness of the country and its culture as a passing visitor – certainly if you’re just staying for a short time

Spanning over 3000 years of epic history, Israel has more than just one story. And when it comes to travel to Israel, the variety of options is no exception. You see, the travel guides commonly found at shops tend to stick to the ‘must-see’ attractions.

If you’re Jewish, this could be the Western Wall in Jerusalem. Christian pilgrims to the Holy Land are equally spellbound as the Bible literally comes to life before your eyes. Many European travelers can’t resist the seductive appeal of desert landscapes (Israel geography) and abundant sunshine (Israel climate) in December. And most recently, Tel Aviv was named ‘The Mediterranean’s Capital of Cool’. Now who wouldn’t want to check THAT out ? 🙂

Certainly, some attractions such as Masada can’t be skipped, and you’ll find the most important ones covered on the pages of our site. But other destinations simply aren’t mentioned in ANY of the popular travel guides. There just isn’t enough room in one printed travel guide to cover an entire country from a local perspective.

Thankfully, Israel Travel Secrets is not limited by publishers and editors 🙂

And here’s the biggest Israel Travel Secret of all:

Native Israelis (also known as Sabras) prefer to invent their own private travel guide. You won’t find it in any shop, of course, though some Hebrew language guides do come close to capturing its spirit. Israelis grow up with a special connection to the lay of the land. Hiking trips are at the core of the school system, and by the time you’re 18, the small country just feels like your own back yard.

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As you can imagine, it can be quite a challenge to tap into this local, intimate, and largely undocumented knowledge. And that’s exactly what we’re doing with Israel Travel Secrets. Based on our exhilarating experiences here, we are thrilled to share with you the secret Israel travel tips reserved for the locals… until today:

It’s difficult to describe in words what you feel when exploring Israel for the first time. For us, it continues to be truly magical every single time. You’ll find T-shirts that actually read ‘Israel Isreal’. Everything about Israel is real and dazzles all five senses.

From the Bahai Gardens in Haifa to the vibrant upbeat nightlife of , from the crystal clear blue waters of Eilat through the barren Negev desert, to the snow capped mountains of the Hermon in northern Israel, the country offers something for every member of your family.

A few fascinating Israel Facts… Did you know that:

  • Covering less than 8000 square miles (~20,700 square kilometers), Israel is approximately the size of the US state of New Jersey and four times smaller than the United Kingdom
  • Israel has more museums per capita than any other country
  • The Dead Sea in Israel is the lowest place on earth

These pages will take you to some of the most amazing and affordable secret travel spots, as well as the ‘must-see’ tourist attractions.

We invite you to enjoy your next travel vacation in Israel using the invaluable travel tips and secrets that Israel Travel Secrets provides.

We know that you will fall in love with this amazing country just as we did.

Shalom!!!! (Means hello, goodbye, and peace)
Lisa Erez & Bruce Altchouler – The ITS Team