Tel Aviv is rated the ‘Third Hottest City’ in the world for 2011 by The Lonely Planet travel guide, and ‘The Mediterranean’s New Capital of Cool’ by the Wallpaper City Guidebook. The city is the perfect place for young travelers looking for a hip, exciting coastal attraction.

Israel is a cauldron of extremes: East and West, old and new, traditional and modern – they all dance in the country’s delicate balancing act.

As you can imagine, it would take a special kind of new energy to balance out Jerusalem’s 3000 years of history and spirituality.

That energy is exactly what gives this vibrant city its unique personality, and its vibrant, young atmosphere is the reason why so many young people flock to experience life in this city.

Tel Aviv Highlights

The Namal (Boardwalk) in North Tel Aviv

The city acts as Israel’s metropolitan hub, representing everything that is new and vibrant about this young country.
With trendy cafes, wine bars, and clubs, the city’s nightlife can give any Western city a run for its money.

Throw in a vibrant art scene, unique Bauhaus architecture, and the neighboring old city of Jaffa that Napoleon himself found irresistible – and you’ve got the recipe for a hot Mediterranean getaway.

Tel Aviv in Pictures- Bringing the Pulse of this Vibrant City to Life

Like any popular travel destination, it’s easy to fall into the standard tourist traps. So to figure out what’s actually hot and what’s not, here’s our take on the city’s hidden authentic treasures:

The New York City of the Middle East

Tel Aviv Azrielli CenterNo visit to Tel Aviv-Jaffa would be complete without a walk on the beach. The main promenade runs from the old city of Jaffa to Gordon beach, offering easy access to public beaches and a spectacular view of the seaside city by day or night. If you prefer to just stroll and sit down for a nice meal, the new boardwalk in the port area is just the place.



A few fascinating facts; did you know that Tel-Aviv-Jaffa:

  • Was originally built as the modern extension of the old city of Jaffa, which was conquered by Napoleon in 1799.
  • Is now commonly referred to as Tel Aviv-Jaffa (or Yaffo in Hebrew).
  • Acts as the urban center for over 42% of the entire population of Israel (over 3.3 Million people) living in the metropolitan area (Merkaz, meaning center in Hebrew).
  • Is classified as a beta + world city, alongside cities such as Barcelona, Spain and San Francisco.
  • Is the second largest city in Israel (Jerusalem is first) and is situated along the Mediterranean coast.

If you need to drive in the city, check out our car rental page – just make sure you know your way around in advance as street signs are limited, and the city’s fast pace makes for a very colorful driving experience 🙂

Do yourself a favor and use Israil (Israel railways) and/or taxi.They are quite efficient and relatively inexpensive. The average inner-city taxi ride could cost you about 20-30 Shekels ($6-$8 US).

Of course the best way to experience this world class city is to walk the streets, take in the scents, talk to the people, and feel free to be a part of the action.

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And if a local asks you how you’re doing, simply respond with ‘Sababa’ (Hebrew lingo for ‘it’s all cool’). Naturally, it also works as a question, as in: