Introducing the almost new (opened January 21, 2019) Ramon International Airport just 15 minutes North of Eilat. The first such airport to open in Israel in 50+ years. 

This super modern architectural gem will open up Eilat and the southern Negev to the world. Featuring flights to and from all other airports in Israel as well as direct flights to many European destinations (more to come). Not necessarily just Europe though, it is now possible now to reach Eilat from virtually anywhere in the World through Europe or Ben Gurion International Airport in Tel Aviv.

This fully functional facility will also feature shuttles and taxis to locations all across the Negev as well as Eilat of course. In addition, Car rental counters, Phone Sims, Foreign Exchange, Duty Free Shopping, and Restaurants. While I personally do not recommend renting a car if your destination is Eilat as parking may be an issue, there are airport transfers available from Ramon to Aquaba Jordan and Taba Egypt as well.

Having more direct access to travelers all over the world will make Eilat and the Southern Negev a world class destination. That is really good news for the Israel Travel and Tourism Industry as well as all of us who love Eilat (myself especially). I expect more and more airline carriers to begin service to Ramon in the not so distant future.

You can keep updated at Ramon Airport Eilat.