Israeli Beach – There are actually 137 beaches in total; Some of the most beautiful I have ever seen. Yes, I have been to the Caribbean and Mexico, as well as all coastlines in the States and some of the Beaches in Israel top them all.

Please enjoy this short video “A day at the Beach”.

What I think makes the Israel Beach so unique are the crystal clear blue and turquoise waters combined with the natural undisturbed coastlines. Not just that, but what is truly unique about Israel is that you have four distinctly different bodies of water; The Mediterranean, Red Sea by EilatDead Sea, and Kinneret. This makes for an diverse mixture of beaches and coastlines. See more beach pictures.

Being a self described beach lover myself, I have visited many Beaches in Israel and here are my top Israeli Beach recommendations:


Israeli Beach – Mediterranean Sea Along the Coastline

Gordon Beach (Tel Aviv): One of the most popular beaches near the luxurious Tel Aviv Hotels. Nice and clean with lots of nearby places to dine or drink. It is free and has nice clean shower and bathroom facilities. Located on the Boardwalk (Tayelet in Hebrew). You will see a nice mix of tourists and natives (mostly younger crowd). I would recommend this stretch of beach especially during the week as Friday and Saturday can be very crowded especially during the summer vacation season.

Aqueduct Beach. (just north of Caesarea): My personal favorite. It is located minutes from Binyamina and Zichron Yakhov. The beach adopted its name from the ancient Roman aqueduct 1000s of years old that still runs directly through it. Be prepared as there are no bathrooms, but they do have open showers to rinse off. In the peak summer season, you can find one lone vendor selling ice cream and snacks out of a trailer.The coastline is rough with many large rocks and the swimming can be dangerous at times. There are lifeguards on duty that will not allow you to stray to far out. During most times, the water is clear and calm combined with the backdrop of the ancient Aquaduct ruins; it is a mesmerizing combination.

Dor Nasholim beach, where there is a cove offering beautiful white sandy beaches and crystal clear blue waters at the base of the ancient Phoenician city of Dor.

Habonim Beach One of the best kept secrets in Israel. You will pay about 35 Shekels (9 U.S.D), per car, but it is more than worth it. The beach itself is part of a nature reserve. Again, this is a rocky beach like most in Israel, but you will find a nice protected lagoon perfect for swimming with younger children. There are clean showers, dressing rooms, and bathrooms, as well as a snack bar located on the site. Also a very nice picnicking area with tables. One of the main attractions is that you can hike along the rocky coast of the nature reserve where the course sand ridges and water have created inlets and caves. I have done it many times and always consider it a fresh adventure.

Carmel and South Beach (Haifa: As you travel North towards Haifa on Road 2 (Cvish HaHof as it is commonly described), you can’t help but notice a beautiful blue strip of turquoise water on your left. This is actually an undisturbed public beach that leads all the way to Carmel Beach on the southern end of Haifa. Carmel Beach has a Tayelet (boardwalk) with numerous cafes, restaurants, and juice stands as well as bathroom and shower facilities. The southern beach offers none of these amenities, but in exchange gives you clean undisturbed pristine beach. Entrance is free.



Israeli Beach – Sea of Galilee (Kinneret)

Ein Gev Resort Village Beach: on the southeastern end of the Sea of Galilee is a great place for everyone. This resort offers attractions for kids and adults alike such as water sports, slides, pools etc. Facilities include, lifeguard services, showers & restrooms, restaurant, shaded camping area with barbeque stands. It is considered to be the prettiest one on the lake, with a date palm grove and thick lawns stretching down to the water. Come for the beach – Stay for the sunset. It is truly magical.

ein gev beach by moomoobloo on flickr

Israeli Beach – Dead Sea

Ein Gedi Beach: A spa and resort located on the shores of the Dead Sea (the lowest point on Earth. It is well known the amazing healing properties of this region. The beach is connected to the spa by a man made narrow roadway that you can hike (about ½ mile long) or take a free tram ride. The beach area is very clean with lounging chairs and bamboo covered shady areas. After a dip – a float I should say in the mineral rich waters, you will need to rinse off. There are showers located on the beach.

ein gedi beach

Word of Caution: Stay in only marked areas as there are sinkholes present throughout this area. Also, I highly recommend sandals or water shoes as the shores of the Sea are quite rough with sharp rocks and difficult to enter in bare feet.


Israeli Beach – Red Sea (Eilat)

Coral Beach Nature Reserve (Eilat): In one word it is breathtaking. The clearest most beautiful water and underwater coral reef nature reserve I have ever seen. You can swim, snorkel, or scuba dive and see the most brilliant colorful fish and coral formations. There are showers and changing areas, but not much in the way of restaurants and cafes. You will need to go towards the boardwalk and hotels. Not the best area for ordinary swimming (I recommend the hotel beach areas). Please be aware of burning coral and spiny sea urchins.

Dolphin Reef Beach (Eilat): The Dolphin Reef Eilat is an ecological site where you have the unique opportunity to actually observe dolphins up close in their own natural habitat and actually swim with a group of bottle-nosed dolphins,some born at the site, carry on their daily lives of hunting, mating, and playing. More Eilat Beaches

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Lehitra’ot ba-yam yisraelit ! (See you soon at the Israeli Beach)