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Nahal Amud (Pillar river), is located in the valley below Tzefat, and is considered one of the most scenic and beautiful hiking trails in Northern Israel. The name of the valley actually comes from a point along the trail where a large stone pillar protrudes up from the riverbed. It is possible to enter the trail at Meron, but we chose to start a bit further downstream at Nachal Amud. The valley itself extends all the way from Tzefat in the northeast and empties into the Kinneret in the south, past the Meron mountain range in the west (about 20 km. total in length).

At the entrance to the trail, there is a large parking area and next to it bathroom facilities, a snack bar, and a covered picnic area. There are trail maps available with instructions, facts and historical data about the area. The trail is 4 km. long round trip and takes between 3-4 hours (depending on your own pace). The actual length of the trail does not appear to be intimidating at first glance but be forewarned it includes a steep long climb of 170 meters; Not an easy task in the hot summer sun. My wife and I are in fairly good shape and found the trail to be challenging. Interestingly enough, we saw many young couples with infants and small children on their backs along the way.

Nahal Amud Tips and Recommendations

  • Use the bathroom, there are no facilities along the trail.
  • Take plenty of water, at least 1.5 Liters per person.
  • Take something to eat to replenish your energy. We saw some families carrying entire meals with them.
  • Wear comfortable hiking shoes or covered sandals.
  • Start in the early morning or later in the afternoon in the summertime. The facilities close at 5:00 so you must start your return no later than 3:00.
  • Wear a bathing suit or something you don’t mind getting wet
  • Watch the trail markings carefully so as not to stray off the trail.

The reward at the end of the trail is a cool dip in the wading pool. It was less than waist deep for me, but just enough to provide a relief from the hot weather. I wore my bathing suit, but you can also enter the water in shorts and they will be dry by the time you return. Along the trail we saw only a few families, but at the end of the trail at the wading pools it was quite crowded.

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I would highly recommend this Israel Day Trip to Nahal Amud as it provides excellent natural scenery along the way, a pleasant outdoor hiking experience, and an opportunity to view another one of Israel’s natural wonders.

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