Things to do in Israel

Things to do in IsraelTons actually!

From 8-9 day Heritage and Holy Land Tours that make you feel like your walking through the bible, to one day hiking, jeeping, Segway, food, culinary, wine, and jeep trips just to name a few, I have lived here for years and my partner Lisa has lived here for most of her life and we have not done everything but we are working on it. 

With the unique, desert coastal and mountainous terrain, Israel offers it all. And the best part, it is a relatively small place so you can really cover alot of ground in a short period of time.

We promise not to bore you (yawn) with the mainstream tours and activities that you can find everywhere. We offer you the “local favorites” and “Israel travel secrets” only for you our honored guest.


Things to do in …..

Tel Aviv is rated the ‘Third Hottest City’ in the world for 2011 by The Lonely Planet travel guide, and ‘The Mediterranean’s New Capital of Cool’ by the Wallpaper City Guidebook. The city is the perfect place for young travelers looking for a hip, exciting coastal attraction.

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