Eilat Israel has it all; Sun, Desert, and Sea for the ultimate getaway.

Located at the northern tip of the Red Sea and the southern edge of the Negev desert, it is the southernmost city in Israel.

The gulf of Eilat’s clear blue waters and breathtakingly beautiful natural coral reefs earn it the reputation as a world class vacation destination and my personal favorite.

Eilat is located at the crossroads of four countries and two continents – Jordan and Saudi Arabia to the east in Asia. and Egypt to the west in Africa. Sometimes misspelled Elat, the city is located between to the Egyptian village of Taba to the south, the Jordanian port city of Aqaba to the east. The mountains surrounding the Gulf of Eilat create a backdrop that is truly beyond words.

The city’s main cluster of Hotels is situated on the northern beaches of Eilat Bay, adjacent to the city town center and the airport. Most of the hotels in this area are graded three to five stars.

Everything is within walking distance, including the beaches, shopping areas, bars and nightclubs.

If you decide to drive in, just park your car and leave it. The city is so small that you’re better off taking a cab or even walking.

eilat beach

My Top Tips

  • Look at deals on Hotels in Eilat Israel. Most of them offer 3-5 day packages including meals with great buffet style food.
  • See our top guided tours and things to do in the Negev and Eilat
  • The Eilat Youth Hostel and Guesthouse is a great option for budget travelers. It is very clean and relatively new; great for families, but no pool. It can be a fraction of the cost of some the hotels.
  • You can actually fly to Eilat Israel directly from some European countries, or take a shuttle flight from Ben Gurion Airport. If you’re short on time and are arriving from Tel Aviv, the most convenient and affordable approach is to fly from Sde Dov Tel Aviv airport. Although flying can actually be less expensive if your group includes only one or two travelers, I highly recommend the drive as it gives you the opportunity to take in the desert landscape and make some breathtakingly beautiful stops along the way.

On my first visit in the summer of 2005, I was simply astonished at the awesome natural beauty of this entire region and the seemingly endless things to do. We actually drove directly from Ben Gurion Airport  through the desert. It is about a 200 Mile (341KM) trip that takes 4-5 hours. Just be extra cautious as the single lane roads wind through mountainous terrain and the naturally aggressive local drivers can become a hazard.

Top Top Tip:

Stop at the Mitzpe Ramon Visitor Center off Road 40 on your way from Beersheba to Eilat. It is an amazing place to have lunch overlooking the Ramon crater and a good halfway rest point.

Geology buffs might like to know that it just looks like a crater, and is in fact a makhtesh, which is a land formation unique to the Negev desert.

After several hours of winding roads through the Negev Desert you enter the Gulf of Eilat, with a very dramatic shift in landscape.

At first glance, you see a beautiful resort city with high rise hotels towering over the clear blue Gulf of Eilat Israel, all set against a backdrop of desert and mountains. I couldn’t help thinking it looked like a mirage or Oasis.

A fantastic family vacation in Eilat

There are so many things to do for all ages that I could devote an entire website and not cover them all. Here are just a few of my personal favorites:

  • The new Kings City – a high-tech theme park for the entire family based on the stories of the Bible.
  • Imax movie theatre offering a 3D experience.
  • Tankless Snuba Diving in the Coral Reserve as well as World class Scuba Diving.
  • Swimming with Dolphins in the Dolphin Reef. Yes, you can actually swim with real life dolphins in their own natural habitat.
  • The Underwater Observatory, with a marine museum that displays amazing collections of beautiful marine life.

More Top Picks

  • Timna Park: Discover beautiful rock formations, ancient art and the world’s first copper mines.
  • Hai Bar: Huge Nature Reserve, breeding, and re-acclimation center administered by the Israel Nature Reserves.
  • Jeep Tours with my friend Atar: Off road adventure in the amazing mountain nature reserve.
  • Camel Riding in the Negev.

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