Negev Israel Things to Do

Negev Israel things to do; there are so many activities in the desert for all ages and interests. 

Let me share with you my personal favorites…


Negev Israel Things to Do – Our Top Picks for Tours and Guides

Top 5 Negev Tours

Top 5 Negev Tours

My Top five picks for best Negev Israel tours. Here is a short list of my 5 favorites Negev Israel tours your next visit.

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An Insider’s Guide to the Darom Adom Festival

An Insider’s Guide to the Darom Adom Festival

An Insider’s Guide to the Darom Adom Festival – Every January and February, the Negev desert attracts visitors to a unique phenomenon of blooming red flowers called anemones (kalanyot in Hebrew) that is guaranteed to mesmerize you.

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The Negev wine route; an amazing collection of wineries and people devoted to growing quality grapes to produce great Kosher wines. The major desert wineries are Sde Boker and Boker Valley vineyards along with numerous smaller boutique wineries that product olive oil and fruits or other produce originating from the desert agriculture. 

If you love animals or are curious about the local desert creatures, don’t miss the Yotvata Hai Bar Nature Reserve; a 3000 acre breeding and reclamation center for locally extinct animals and their re-introduction into the desert (see negev desert attractions) o) or the Bar Ramon nature reserve at Mitzpe Ramon.

More Negev Israel things to do:

  • Bedouin Hospitality: We spent the weekend sleeping in a traditional bedouin tent in the desert (see Amazing Negev Jeep Tour). Not a typical 2-5 person structure you may be picturing from your previous camping experience, this tent was almost the size of a small house complete with floor covering, mattresses, pillows, and blankets. There were clean shower facilities on site and the experience of sleeping under the peaceful desert sky was unforgettable.
  • Ramon Crater: We have visited Mitzpe Ramon several times and had lunch or a snack overlooking the crater. It is an amazing view and every time feels like a new experience. Also, we have driven inside the crater and experienced the wonderful sites. (4 wheel drive strongly recommended). 
  • Ein Avdat: A hike through Ein Avdat National Park; an oasis in the desert. a stream surrounded by hiking trails, springs, groves and wildlife. Located in the Zin Valley in the central part of the Negev, Ein Avdat offers amazing panoramic scenic desert views and enchanted hikes. The recommended trail begins and ends near Ben Gurion’s gravesite 

Negev Desert

Of course, there are the numerous desert attractions and settlements, many of which have been designated UNESCO World Heritage sites, with fascinating histories dating back thousands of years. Also, unique to this region is an unusual array of agricultural produce including the best cherry tomatoes you will find on Earth.

Amazing Fact: Israel is the world leader in developing and successfully growing fruits and vegetables in the desert climate. In fact with the Israeli invention of drip irrigation by Netafim, they are turning the desert “green” contrary to the desertification experienced in the rest of the world.

Camel Tours:  Traditionally camels have been used for thousands of years to transport goods across the desert landscape. They are incredibly strong animals and well suited for the arid desert climate. My recommendation for a reputable camel ranch offering an array of camel tours is the Negev Camel Ranch located between the Dead Sea and Beersheva. They can be reached at +972-8-6552829 or by email [email protected] or see their site at Cameland.

More for adventure seekers:

  • Mountain biking*
  • Horseback riding*
  • Rappelling*
  • Sand surfing*, Yes, sand surfing; similar to snowboarding but on a sand dune instead of a ski slope. 

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