Ein Bokek Israel – Situated between the majestic mountains of the Judean desert and the turquoise waters of the lowest place on Earth, the Dead Sea, Ein Bokek boasts luxurious hotels and spas along with the area’s nicest free public beaches.

Please enjoy this amazing live GoPro video (above) from our recent trip….

As it’s name would suggest, no living thing can survive in these waters. Still, the unique Minerals from the Dead Sea offer world renowned therapeutic treatments for any number of skin ailments as well as Arthritis and respiratory conditions attracting up to a million visitors annually from around the globe. For the finest Hotels and Spas in the area.

Hot and dry throughout the year, the area is a winter vacation spot popular with oversees travelers and locals alike. Only an hour’s drive from Jerusalem and close to two hours from Tel Aviv this area offers spectacular attractions for the entire family. We live in Northern Israel and consider a visit to the Dead Sea a perfect one day trip.

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My wife and I recently spent a day in Ein Bokek Israel, enjoying the beautiful beaches and breathtaking scenery. The public beach is currently undergoing major restoration but there is still access near the Hod hotel. The facilities and beach area are pristine and well maintained.


Outdoor showers and clean changing facilities are located right on the beach along with pergolas to provide shade from the intense sun.

After a day floating in the Sea and relaxing on the beach, we felt refreshed and re-energized. Not to mention hungry for a good meal. There is a small shopping center located in the area with a nice selection of delicious local cuisine. McDonalds too..

Ein Bokek Israel Oasis

You may also choose to conclude the day with a short hike to the beautiful Ein Boqeq oasis across the main road from the hotels. The canyon-like gorge is filled with local desert flora and fauna. Along the way, the spring fills several fresh water pools, which flow down to a small waterfall. It’s a brilliant way to end the salty day on the beach.

If you’re active and an outdoorsy type (like me), there are many other attractions like camel riding, sky diving, Jeep tours, mountain biking and beautiful hiking trails. For a really challenging hike, try the Wadi Darga. See Dead-Sea and Masada tours and attractions for more activities. On the other hand, if you prefer a more pampering visit, you’ll find lots of resort hotels, spa treatments, and restaurants to choose from.

Ein Bokek Israel Oasis

Travel Tips

  • Set your Waze or GPS to Ein Bokek or עין בוקק
  • Wear an old swimsuit so you can mud yourself all over without ruining your best one.
  • Wear shoes suitable for water as the ground is stony and difficult to walk on.
  • If you have any open abrasions or wounds, you will feel them when you first enter the water. Don’t be alarmed, the salt and minerals are a perfect antiseptic and will speed the healing process.
  • If you’re short for time, then you can plan a full day tour of the area along with Masada either from Tel Aviv or Jerusalem.
  • Visit the site of the Qumran caves where the ancient Dead Sea scrolls were discovered by two shepherds in 1947.
  • Visit the beautiful oasis of the Ein Gedi Nature Reserve with streams and waterfalls all year round.
  • Treat yourself to an amazing spa treatment at one of the hotel spas and resorts in the area.
  • Discover the benefits of Dead Sea mud, bath salts and dead sea products for your skin and overall health.

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