Celebrate your Bar/Bat Mitzvah in Israel

Celebrate your Bar/Bat Mitzvah in Israel

Did you know that planning a Bar Mitzvah in Israel can be easier and much less expensive than having it locally? Even easier for a Bat Mitzvah in Israel. More meaningful for sure. I guarantee it!

All of my children celebrated their Bnai Mitvot in Israel.

I strongly recommend Private All Inclusive Bar Mitzvah Tours

Truly an Unforgettable Experience

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Sure, you can take the traditional route and have a nice (yawn) ceremony at your local synagogue, followed by a ridiculously expensive themed party with the best DJ in town for 200 or more of your closest friends and family. I have been to my fair share and quite honestly have found them all to be nice, but not especially memorable.

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Now, imagine something truly special and unforgettable like celebrating a Bar Mitzvah in Israel. After all, becoming a Bar/Bat Mitzvah is a life cycle event in Judaism that marks the transition of a young man or woman into Jewish adulthood. Essentially, it connects the Jewish child to his roots and provides an unbreakable link to what it means to be Jewish. This connection is what gives us our Jewish identity throughout our entire lifetime. So, what could be more fitting than to celebrate this once in a lifetime event by returning to the Jewish homeland?

My son Aaron had his Bar Mitzvah in Israel as well as my two daughters. For what many spend here in the States for the party, food, and music, you can take your entire family (the whole Mishpacha) to Israel to visit our ancient Jewish homeland and experience the most meaningful and unforgettable family vacation ever.

For many of you, I am sure the idea of planning such a trip is overwhelming to say the least. Don’t worry, I am going to help you get started.


Where do I Start…

All Inclusive Private Bar/Bat Mitzvah Tours

That’s right…Private Bar Mitzvah tours in Israel, The most amazing and unforgettable just for your family on this special occasion. You may find many others offering group tours that are arranged at preset times for large groups and many families. These are totally Private tours customized based on your needs.

Barmitzvah Gifts

My Top Recommendations for Bar Mitzvah in Israel

  • When traveling in the hotter summer months, always keep at least 2 liters of water with you at all times.
  • Wear comfortable shoes and clothes. There is virtual no dress code in Israel which means comfort is in. (there are a few exceptions in the more conservative areas of Jerusalem)
  • It is uncommon for girls to make Aliya Torah in Israel, but some reform congregations will allow this.
  • Boys must be 13 years old and girls 12 years old.
  • Allow yourself at least 10 days, preferably two weeks minimum. It can take a few days to adjust to the time change.

We recommend some great people on our site who can help you fulfil your Bar/ Bat Mitzvah dream. Bilha Marom, who will prepare you or your child well in advance for an amazing spiritual family occasion. When you fill in the form below we will connect you with the right person and we will work together to create a tailor made memorable experience for the entire family that is suited to your individual needs. 

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Bar/Bat Mitzvah in Israel

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Mazal Tov (Good luck and Congratulations in Hebrew)


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