Passionate, Knowledgeable, Personable, Animated, Engaging, but most important really funny…

These are just a few words I would use to describe Moshe Ben Baruch after experiencing our most recent tour of Jerusalem of Gold and the City of David.

A Few Words from Moshe

Moshe Ben Baruch Please join me on a journey (Masa in Hebrew) of this amazing land. I promise you an experience that you will cherish for a lifetime; one of poetry and love of this great land, its rich culture, dynamic people, and fascinating history.

I proudly offer you beginner to advanced hiking, walking, rafting, and Jeeping tours for the most beautiful sites in Israel, rich with biblical, Talmudic and modern history.

Whether it be archaeological or battle fields, the big city or remote corners and hidden gems of Israel with pristine breathtaking views, I promise the most memorable tour experience personally tailored just for you.

Lets make memories together….


A Short Bio

Moshe worked for many years as an educator in Israel and abroad including Canada. He holds a B.A. degree in Bible and History, and an M.A degree in Land of Israel studies from Bar-Ilan University. He is well versed in classical Jewish sources and Certified and Licensed tour guide in Israel; He is also a proud member of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and served with the elite paratrooper unit. He was and is still a Captain in the reserve unit.

Learning is a Life-Long Experience – From Here to There…

Moshe specializes in custom tours tailor made for you. Whether you want a single day tour for a single or couple or a full 8-10 day tour for a group of 6-12 and everything in between, Moshe has his own new 4WD Utility vehicle or Mini bus that can accommodate everyone comfortably; Jeep Tours too.

I know many private and group tour guides and companies and can attest to the fact that his pricing is more than fair; $600 per day for any size group up to 6 using his own vehicle. That is only $100 p/p per day. You will pay more for a group tour with strangers. He can also accommodate larger groups with a Mini Bus.

Eretz Yisrael (the Land of Israel) with over 4000 years of fascinating history has so much to offer visitors of all religions, ages, and individual interests. Whether your preference is to see the traditional religious sites of Jerusalem or adventure tours in a private Jeep in the Negev desert, he knows every square mile (km) of this country and is eager to show you the way. You will not see just the most popular attractions but the true “hidden gems” that the tour companies do not offer.

  • From a walk through history and the Bible (both old and new testament) in the Old and New City Jerusalem to the amazing recent discoveries of underground tunnels and caves in the City of David.
  • From the largest crater in the world, Mitzpe Ramon, at the northern tip of the Negev desert to swimming with dolphins in the Red Sea at Eilat in the southernmost part of Israel next to Egypt.
  • From re-energizing mineral mud baths and floating in the Dead Sea to exploring Mount Masada (Metzada in Hebrew) and its amazing story of how Jewish Zealots met their tragic end.
  • From the Golan Heights at the border of Syria, learn about this epic battlefield of the ages to the luscious water falls of the Banias river at the base of the Hermon mountains in Northern Israel.

Metula Lookout on the Lebanoon border bgy Seth Berman Rapid Shutter Photography

Highlights and Sample Tours – The True Israel Travel Secrets

Jerusalem and Vicinity

  • Explore the fabulous biblical “City of David” – its new discoveries, and underground tunnels. See our Jerusalem of  Gold and the City of David.
  • More unique sites in the old city – rampart walk, roof tops, see the amazing remains of palaces from Grand Jerusalem of 2 millenniums ago and the all newly rebuilt Shul of “Hurva”
  • Ammunition hill – story of  the “municipal line”  – war of 1967. Promenade plus the secret cable car of Jerusalem.
  • Herodian city – incredible desert fort palace,
  • Actual Training & shooting with the country’s top anti-terror fighters from elite units of the IDF
  • What about half KM long zip line ride?
  • See our recent trip to the City of David and Jerusalem

Eilat and the Negev

  • In Eilat, the beautiful Timna park, many varied activities in Eilat , from scuba or snuba diving of world class coral reefs of Eilat bay, “crazy shark” water ride , swimming with dolphins, parasailing and more. A short but lovely hike of Red canyon in the Eilat mountains.
  • Meet the IDF’s elite quick response anti terror squad fighters, see their special gear, a quick but necessary stop for delicious ice cream of a local dairy Yotvata. How about visiting a very special Kibbutz in the Arava valley just north of Eilat, founded by American Olim from USA and learn about their unique social life and innovative approach to utilize the harsh desert environment with amazing results!  See probably the oldest tree in the World, symbolizing the revival of the nation of Israel.
  • Mitzpe Ramon –  the largest erosion crater on the planet. How about jeep touring within the crater and secret spots only known by the locals.What about a “meeting” with the founder of the state of Israel, the legendary David Ben Gurion. See the couple’s final resting place in the desert at Kibbutz Sde Boker above the beautiful dry river bed of Nahal Zin.
  • All the world is coming to learn from Israel how to create life, food and produce in the dry hot arid deserts. We may follow by visiting these greenhouses in the Negev, learn about the secrets of Aloe Vera, from the hill top of Jabbel Huffera.

Masada and the Dead Sea

  • Masada , the site whose name and story captivated the imagination of people all over the world, where King Herod built amazing palaces, where Jewish Zealots met their tragic end, where ideas of freedom, honor, and hope in the face of an enemy onslaught, all the attributes of national beliefs come to light. Standing there, one may try to explore Jewish strength and the secret of survival.
  • Dead Sea – The lowest place on Earth and secret to the most miraculous health benefits frequented by millions annually from around the globe.
  • Close by, we will hike in the Judean desert’s most beautiful oasis of the springs at En-Gedi, already admired in Biblical poetic literature.

Northern Israel

Northern Israel – referred to as the The Tuscany of the Middle East  offering one to three day Jeep and/or hiking trips. Starting in the Western Galilee on the coast of the Mediterranean, we will visit the most amazing places and scenic views throughout the Lower and Upper Galilee as well as the mountains of the Golan Heights on the Syrian border.

See you Soon

Let’s learn and explore together. I love every minute of what I do and can’t wait to meet you on your upcoming trip to Israel. My office is the great outdoors but I keep my phone and IPAD with me at all times.

If you would kindly complete the inquiry/booking form below, I will respond to you within 24 hours maximum.

Shalom from Israel


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