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Want something truly unique and exciting on your next trip to Israel? 

Israeli Wild is how I refer to my unique and exciting Jeep and hiking tours. I just took Bruce and Lisa on a Negev Jeep tour this past winter and it was unforgettable. You can see all the exciting details at an amazing Negev Jeep tour.

Also, Just wait till you see this amazing video for more exciting Jeep tours with Israeliwild:

A Brief Bio about Me

Atar Zehavi - Israel WildHi. My name is Atar Zehavi and I am a licensed Israeli tour guide, speaking fluent English.

I am married to Nurit (an architect) and we live with our daughter in a small Moshav called Netaim, where my family has lived since 1932, for four generations, and we maintain an organic family farm of orchards and a fern greenhouse.


I have an academic degree in Marine Sciences (B.S.C.), and a second degree in Environment Conservation at the Tel- Aviv University. My professional specialties are outdoor trips such as four wheel driving and hiking, as well as, combinations of both. The unique experience that I offer my customers is to introduce them to the wild and untamed parts of Israel by the use of a 4wd (soft or hard top Land Rover Defender 110) or by the use of our own two feet.

A Hike through History – From Here to There

Learning is a life-long experience:

  • from understanding the geology of the Dead sea and the Judean desert to walking in the footsteps of David and his conflicts with the Philistines and King Shaul,
  • from learning about the Maccabean rebellion to learning about ancient Christian sites and monasteries in the desert
  • from tracing the footsteps of the Palmach in their attempts to break a way into Jerusalem in 1948 to a trip to the Israeli craters of the Negev,
  • from a visit to mount Carcom, believed by some to be mount Sinai to visiting hideout caves from the time of the Bar Kokhba rebellion,
  • from traveling in the ancient Nabatean Incense routs which are recognized as a world heritage area to visiting fragile sand dunes ecosystems in the Israeli coast line.

My Personal Favorites

In the summer time, it is recommended to go to the North, where we could combine between hiking and 4wd tours in cooler regions, and reach pristine springs and water ponds to cool us off on a hot summer day. In winter time, I recommend heading out to the stunning Israeli deserts.

The trips can also include learning about unique Israeli forms of living such as the Kibbutz and the Moshav, and learning about Minorities in Israel and their culture- Bedouins, Druze and more.

Alongside the trips, we can visit local vineyards and spice farms in the Judean hills, special individual farms in the Negev, go horseback riding, scuba diving or abseiling in pristine locations, sleep in bed and breakfasts or camp under the stars, visit Bedouin tribes and go camel riding with them, all according to your wishes and the time you have. The trips are tailor made to suit your needs and preferences. In the longer trips I work with people who cater for food and accommodations and larger groups are also welcome.

The Menu

The following is a sample of Standard tours that I offer but we can create according to your requirements:

Ways to Jerusalem

Ways to Jerusalem

Focus on the different ‘ways’ to Jerusalem throughout history including a jeep ride on the historic Burma Road.

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