Top 5 Must Have Phone Apps in Israel,  read on…

Over the past nearly 20 years, I have made at least 30+ trips between Israel and the States and have spent about half that time living there. These free phone Apps will make your trip easier and more rewarding. I guarantee it… 

WhatsApp Messenger

Super popular in Israel… With this multi functional cross platform application, you can see when your messages are actually read by the recipients as well as real time updates when other users are online or “last seen“. Additionally, the App allows you to travel abroad and stay in communication regardless of the SIM card/carrrier. Simply because, it utilizes a Wi-Fi or Data connection, not a phone service. I recommend TalknSave for the best deals on Israeli Phones/SIMs.

Waze – Real Time Traffic and Navigation

Waze is an excellent GPS Navigational app with up to date traffic updates and re-routing options. That is because it is updated in real time from other drivers using the app. The more drivers using WAZE, the more accurate are the traffic updates and routing suggestions. Waze was originally developed in Israel and is by no surprise extremely popular here. If you are planning to drive in Israel, this is a Must. You can also use it to find local restaurants and atrractions as well.

XE Currency Converter

UP to the minute actual currency conversion rates. My first piece of advice is to use your International credit card as much as possible and less cash. Some of the Credit Card companies/banks will charge nothing or a very small amount to convert to a local currency but in my opinion it is well worth it. Credit cards are welcome almost everywhere in Israel, even for a felafel costing about 12-13 Shekels (about $4 USD). However, If you need to change your money, the best rates found are at the local Israel Post Offices. Don’t even think about the airport. 

Google Translate 

Yes, most Israelis speak fairly good English, especially in the larger cities and tourist areas. However, having a good accurate translator at your fingertips is really essential. I have used Google Translate in Israel and my travels in Europe, as well, and it has been a life saver. You can even use it as a voice/dictation tool for translation in either direction. New camera features text in images and language recognition supported by Google. Also, handwriting recognition. It is an amazing free tool and a must have on your next visit to Israel.



An excellent navigational routing App that will take you from Point A to Point B using multiple forms of Public transportation. It provides step by step (literally) navigation from the shortest distance walking to the nearest bus or train. It includes updated (in real time) bus and train schedules along with travel times and distances. You have the option to select your preferred routing and method of transportation. 


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