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Namal Tel Aviv to old Yafo port

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Half – Full Day depending on your pace


If you are interested in a great way to see the Tel Aviv coastline on a brand new promenade that stretches from the North of Tel Aviv by Dov airport all the way to Jaffa port, then this is the perfect one day trip for you!

Best of all, you can do it all from the seat of a bike. A nice leisurely ride (very flat) with fantastic views of the wonderful Tel Aviv beaches and Mediterranean coastline with new hotels, and a multitude of great bars and restaurants along the way.

The scenery is amazing!

Starting at the Namal Tel Aviv

GPS: Set your GPS or Waze to Namal Tel Aviv or נמל תל אביב. This will take you to the northern section of the Tayelet near Dov airport. Here you will find many bars and restaurants and a place to park your car.

Note: Pay attention to the parking lot signs upon arriving.  On the weekends, they fill up fairly quickly. They are marked either full or available. Eventually, you will find parking, you may just have to walk a bit. Another option would be to arrive by train and exit the University station, then take a cab or bus to the Namal.

Renting a Bike

We found the best way to see the entire coastline in a day was by bike. Alternatively, you could walk it, but it may be a bit long and tiresome. The entire trip is almost 20 km. or 12 miles round trip running along the Tel Aviv coastline all the way to Jaffa (Yafo) port.

There are automated bike rental stations located throughout the area called Tel O Fun. You can rent a bike for as long as you like without making a reservation by just using your credit card. You can view the short video below:

We found the system to be quite convenient and accessible. You can lock your bike at stations throughout the trip. This does not stop the time clock from running but keeps the bike safe and secure. The quality of the bikes is adequate, pretty much what you might expect of rental equipment.

The Tel Aviv Beaches along the Way

As you begin your journey, you will first find numerous restaurants, bars, and cafes in the Northern and widest section of the promenade.

A few of my quick recommendations:

  • Water – Take a water bottle with you with at least 1-2 liters per person.
  • Sun Hat and Sun Screen – There is very little shade along the way and you will feel the intense Mediterranean sun especially riding next the the beach.
  • SunglassesAlso highly recommended.
  • Food – Plenty of options here; We chose to bring snacks and save our appetite for a nice hearty dinner at the end of the ride.
  • Bike path markers – There are many signs directing you to stay on the bike path. Some areas are quite narrow and you will need to stay in bike lanes separated from the foot traffic so pay attention.
  • Bathrooms: Plenty of rest rooms and facilities along the way.
  • Pictures: Lots of great photo opportunities so have your camera or phone ready.

Yafo Port Visitor Center

The Tayelet will end at the the Jaffa Port visitor center. There you will find numerous shops, restaurants and beautiful stone buildings. The visitor center is located here and usually open to provide information about the area (In English). We chose to lock our bikes here and walk around the local Shuk (market) located just next to the visitor promenade.

In the market, you can find almost anything from kitchen appliances to light fixtures, food, and other household items. Of course, we were on bikes so we had only intended to window shop that day, but if you like open air markets and bargaining with vendors, this could be another separate day trip in itself.

Also, many unique and authentic restaurants are located here offering a variety of local food fare from Felafel to Greek, Italian and anything else you can imagine.

What a View from Old Jaffa Port

The view of the Tel Aviv coastline from Yafo Port is simply breathtaking.  It’s even better at sunset which I have enjoyed many times. We stayed here for a few hours enjoying a gelato and the beautiful scenery. There are many walking paths throughout this area providing access to narrow Jaffa streets and quaint little artist shops.

I strongly recommend that you take the time to just explore and enjoy. You will have plenty of time for your return trip. The area is quite safe and the local vendors and shop owners are friendly. It is a tourist destination so almost everyone speaks English.

My only friendly local tip is that if you plan on buying anything, be prepared to negotiate as they will always start with the highest price and expect you to offer them less. It is not considered rude, just local culture.

The Return Trip to Tel Aviv Port

The Tayelet is shaped liked the waves of the sea and offers an attractive, smooth, cobblestone surface for easy biking or walking. Pictured above is the section just south of the hotels and beaches on the way to Jaffa. All along the path, you will enjoy views of the beach and sea on one side and Tel Aviv on the other.

The Tel Aviv Port at Sunset

The highlight of the day. The sunset and meal at the Namal Tel Aviv. A huge wooden deck over 14,000 square meters with designer shops such as Blue Bird, Oasics, Adidas, and local brands like Castro and Replay.

My favorite subject, food! Restaurants range from quick local Israeli street food like Felafel, Sabich and Shwarma to great meat and fish restaurants serving full service meals with outdoor dining looking out over the sea.

Strong recommendation: Visit the local Farmers indoor market. It is fairly small but offers a unique variety of local fresh food from soup to sushi, salads and much more.

At night the area really comes to life, with local bars and pubs offering music and nighttime entertainment to the wee hours of the morning. On weekends, you can expect the younger (20-30) crowd to arrive after 11:00.

Private Guided Tours

Lisa and I have actually done every single of of these tours with our families and know the tour guides personally. They are all fantastic, English speaking, licensed and insured Israel Travel Guides. We have hand picked the appropriate guide to conduct each and every day trip. Just complete the booking form below and they will respond to you within 24-48 hours without a commitment. In almost all cases, the cost is actually less for a family to hire a private tour guide than take a group tour with 20-30 strangers and certainly more rewarding.


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