An amazing hot air balloon in Israel experience. You are in for a really exciting adventure tour when you go hot air ballooning in the Jezreel Valley! Whether you are celebrating a birthday, anniversary, a romantic occasion or a Bat/Bar Mitzvah, this is an amazing experience to do with friends and family.

Recently I was lucky enough to experience this fantastic activity which is very popular with locals and visitors alike.  Check out this Go Pro video “Journey with the Wind” of our ballooning experience. It was so much fun…..

The Hot Air Balloon in Israel Experience

Meeting early in the morning before dawn at an Afula gas station, the ballooning company took us by minivan to the launch site which had already been set up earlier that morning by their team.

Hot Air Ballooning - balloon filling with air

After a short but serious explanation of the rules and regulations by the team, we were offered refreshments of coffee, tea and biscuits.

Meanwhile, the team was busy setting up the balloons which was fascinating in itself. We were free to walk around and take pictures while the balloons were being inflated, first with cold air and then hot air. It was truly a spectacular sight to see the hot air balloon at its full height and glory, towering over us . . . we felt so small!

Hot Air Ballooning is so much fun!

Once the balloons were upright, we climbed into the basket which is nicely padded and sectioned into compartments.

The balloons rose gradually to about 3500 meters (almost 12,000 feet)  above the early morning haze and low clouds. Once the sun started to rise, the views were magnificent. We mostly flew over rural, agricultural settlements and the atmosphere became peaceful and magical.  The ride was surprisingly calm as we floated through the air.

Hot Air Ballooning - view from above

The views of the fields and orchards in their tidy rows entice you to take as many photos as possible. Seeing flocks of birds flying below the balloon is spectacular.

Hot Air Balloon and a Breakfast Picnic

The experience doesn’t end there… after the balloon landed, we were invited to sit and drink champagne – a custom that dates back to the 1700’s.

Hot Air Ballooning - breakfast

A hearty Israeli breakfast of breads, eggs, cheeses, vegetables, olives and dips was served to all the participants and we all sat around lovely picnic tables enjoying the food.

All participants received a ‘gift package’ at the end of their experience! A fabulous panoramic photo of everyone in your balloon which comes with a fancy magnet frame, a flight certificate is awarded with your name on it and a voucher for you to gift to anyone you wish to enjoy an air balloon experience.

At the end of the morning, a wonderful experience was had by all! The air balloon company really goes out of their way to make it a very memorable occasion and you leave with a taste for more.
We were then driven back to our point of arrival where we left our cars, and departed.

Hot Air Ballooning - in the air

It was definitely one of the best things I have done and I strongly recommend it to everyone who has adventure in their hearts!


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Hot Air Ballooning in Israel

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