Now is the time to visit the Negev Desert in Israel..

With cooler more comfortable temperatures and almost no humidity, the Negev is really an amazing experience you don’t want to miss.

It is my pleasure to share with you a “short list” of my top five Negev tours based on personal experience…



Petra 2 Day Tour

Negev Three Day Hiking Tour

From Tzin Valley to the Ramon Crater in three days. In this wilderness trip we will depart from civilization for a full three days, not crossing even a single road on our way. 

Petra 2 Day Tour

Eilat Desert Jeep Tour

An exhilerating desert Jeep tour through the Eilat Mountain Nature Reserve featuring a ride through Solomon’s Valley along the ancient Mecca Pilgrim trail. This is a “must do”.

Petra 2 Day Tour

Timna Park Tour from Eilat

The park is considered to be one to top attractions in the Negev with thousands of ancient copper mining shafts throughout, as well as, remains of the smelting furnaces dating back to ancient Imperial Egypt. 

Petra 2 Day Tour

Eilat Canyon Desert and Kibbutz Life

A full day featuring a hike through the walls of the magnificent Red Canyon, taste local desert wines at Kibbutz and winery Neot Semadar, visit the first solar field in Israel and more….

Jerusalem Pub Crawl

Negev Jeep Tour

We just experienced an amazing Negev jeep tour and it was an adventure of a lifetime with a three day overnight trip to the desert. I can’t wait to share with you all the details complete with some amazing pictures.