Eilat Beach – The Beaches in Eilat run along the Red Sea from the Jordanian border on the Northeast to the Egyptian border on the Southwest around Eilat Bay. The northern end features most of the swimming beaches set in front of large luxurious hotels while the southern end is where you will find the best coral reefs and most of the scuba and skin diving.

The average air temperature during the summer in Eilat commonly exceeds 100 degrees F. while the water is a cool 70-75 degrees F (for more on Israel weather). Combine this with the clear blue turquoise waters of Eilat Bay, and you have an irresistible invitation to spend endless hours swimming and playing in the water. In fact, that is what Eilat is really about. It is a beach and water lover’s paradise.

Even more, you have the gorgeous backdrop of the Eilat mountains and desert. It is truly a site to behold.

Best Beaches in Eilat: 

North Beach – Best swimming area with nice clean shower and bathroom facilities. These beaches are free and they offer chairs and beach beds for a nominal daily/weekly rental fee. They are all accessible from the hotels and there is actually a boardwalk that runs along the beach with endless restaurants, night clubs, shops, and juice bars. If you like a faster pace, you can rent jet skis, banana boat rides, paddle boats, or take a parasailing ride. Toward the center, you will find a small marina offering boat tours. If you want to snorkel or observe amazing sea life, I recommend the Southern beaches.

Princess Beach – Located on the southwestern shore close to the Egyptian border, this is ideal for snorkeling and is usually never crowded. You will find the most colorful interesting fish under the piers or at the very edge of the coral reef. You generally don’t need to dive deep to see the sea life so scuba equipment is not a necessity. You can rent beach chairs or beds and the beach is free to everyone.


Coral Beach Nature Reserve In one word it is breathtaking. Considered to be one of the best coral reefs in the world. The clearest most beautiful water and underwater coral reef nature reserve I have ever seen. You can swim, snorkel, or scuba dive and see the most brilliant colorful fish and coral formations. There are showers and changing areas, but not much in the way of restaurants and cafes. Not the best area for ordinary swimming (I recommend the North hotel beach area). Please be aware of burning coral and spiny sea urchins.

Dolphin Reef The Dolphin Reef Eilat is an ecological site where you have the unique opportunity to actually observe dolphins up close in their own natural habitat. A group of bottle-nose dolphins, including some born at the site, carry on their daily lives of hunting, mating, and playing. Believe it or not, you can actually swim with dolphins in their own natural habitat; A once in a lifetime experience.

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Lehitra’ot ba-yam Eilat! (See you soon at the Eilat Beach)