Nahsholim Beach – Do white sandy beaches, clear blue Mediterranean waters, and fantastic views of the Carmel Mountains sound like a day well spent….
Then, please enjoy this short video “A day at the Beach”, and let me share with you one of Israel’s true secret seaside gems. 

Nachsholim at the foot of the Ancient city of Tel Dor

Nachsholim/Dor beach is located out the southwestern edge of the Carmel Mountains in north central Israel. The beach is itself is characterized by a lagoon with crystal clear waters formed by a natural rock breakwater, and small islands all around.
Also plenty of native birds, fish and other natural wildlife as it is located just at the foot of a nationally recognized nature reserve.
And one of the best features is that it is usually not very crowded even on the weekends or during holidays.

So let’s keep this little secret gem just between us….

Nahsholim Offers it All

The beach area itself actually sits on Kibbutz Nachsholim (next to Tel Dor), which is private but the beach is actually public. In order to gain access, you must enter at Dor beach where you will find a restaurant, public bathrooms, changing rooms and a shower. From the entrance, you walk about a short distance to reach Nachsholim.

Plenty to See and Do

This special place really offers it all. I love to snorkel and swim in the waters as their to see all of the vibrant underwater sea life in their natural habitat. The sea is relatively calm so you can also Kayak, Paddleboard (Supping), or Windsurf or just relax on the beach and enjoy the peace and tranquility. Entrance is free for local residents but if you are a visitor, you pay only about 20 Shekels ($5.50) a person.

Habonim Beach

Just to the north is located Habonim Beach; Another fantastic beach destination. You will pay about 35 Shekels (9 U.S.D), per car, but it is more than worth it. The beach itself is part of a nature reserve.

Habonim Beach

Again, this is a rocky beach like most in Israel, but you will find a nice protected lagoon perfect for swimming with younger children. There are clean showers, dressing rooms, and bathrooms, as well as a snack bar located on the site. Also a very nice picnicking area with tables. One of the main attractions is that you can hike along the rocky coast of the nature reserve where the course sand ridges and water have created inlets and caves. I have done it many times and always consider it a fresh adventure.

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Enjoy the Beach (T’ henu et Ha Hof)