The absolute best restaurants in Tel Aviv. Period from a local perspective…

Tel Aviv restaurants have flourished into a culinary capital thriving on the eclectic delights of fusion cooking.


Benedict Tel AvivBenedict

My favorite Israeli meal has to be breakfast. And if you’re not a morning person, that’s OK – here’s why. Check out Benedict – All About Breakfast – 24 hour diner style with a European twist, located on the corner of Alenby & Rothchilde or if you’re further up north 171 Ben Yehuda St. Just remember, it’s packed on weekends!

Breakfast is a very big deal (and meal) for Israelis (even if it’s not technically morning). What strikes most visitors is the variety and selection.

Tazza Tel AvivCafe Tazza

If you followed our advice and found your way to Neve Tzedeq before 5 PM, you can also stop for breakfast at Cafe Tazza (6 Ahad Ha’am), one of the top restaurants in Tel Aviv. It’s a bit more intimate, and if you’re around the neighborhood between 3 and 5 PM, the place features a live Jazz show that makes it a perfect Friday afternoon outing. Just remember you can only grab breakfast until 5 PM, so plan ahead ! 🙂

You definitely want to walk down Shabbazi street to the old train station mall (which was re-opened a few years ago as a museum and shopping center). Then walk south to the old city of Jaffa and taste Pita bread that’ll blow you away at Abulafia bakery. If you’d rather not slum it, definitely sit on the beach and enjoy great seafood at Manta Ray just across the street from the old station mall.


Abulafia Tel AvivAbulafia – also not far from the train station

120 Yefet St. has served pita bread from their local Taboon oven since the British rule, and have become one of Jaffa’s hallmark family businesses. They also run a scholarship program for Jewish and Arab children’s education programs, so buy a pita and help bring peace to the middle east.



Brasserie Tel AvivBrasserie


For a trendy round the clock diner check out Brasserie located at 70 Ibn Gevirol Street.


More good food (and some alcohol)

Coffee Bar 13 Yad Harutzim street
Rostico 15 Rothchilde Boulevard
Gucha – 171 Dizengoff if you’re into strictly seafood, or 14 Ibn Gevirol street for a classy diner atmosphere
Dixie 24/7 American style diner 120 Yigal street
For a veggie Indian style Bohemian eatery, check out 24 Ruppie (or the Tally as it’s affectionately known in the community) 16 Shoken Street.

Also, stop by the happening neighborhood and bar hopping magnet of Florentine (think Soho). Check out the neighborhood hangout at Florentine 10 Cafe/Bar.

Stay up past midnight

Tel Aviv residents work hard, play harder and party hardest. Parties start at midnight and run till the last person standing. Bars are filled with friends out for the night and people looking to get friendly. Tel Aviv’s beautiful women are attracting model scours world wide.

Tel Aviv folk love their nightlife. You haven’t partied until you’ve partied in Tel Aviv – just ask Kirstin Dunst 🙂

Mike's Place Tel AvivMike’s Place

Mingle with other travelers, across the street from the beach on the Promenade.




Norma Jean Tel AvivNorma Jean

For the finest selection of whisky and beer, this place is on a mission to bring good alcohol to the people.



Molly Blum's Tel AvivMolly Blum’s

The Irish pub Molly Blum’s (100 Hayarkon street), especially happening on St. Patrick’s Day :).



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Bilui Naim! (Hebrew for have a good time)