The Sarona Market in Tel Aviv is Israel’s largest indoor culinary market offering over 91 of the finest shops and restaurants. For foodies it is a must on your next visit to Israel. 

But there is so much more, the entire village complex, a transformed Templar settlement that has become the newest and freshest happening right in the center of the city. 

But first, you have to check out this amazing live GoPro video footage of my recent visit….


The village is a perfect combination of old and new. Merging a Templar settlement with its original 37 buildings into a cultural, leisure and shopping complex right in the center of the City and walking distance to the Azrielli Tower and train station. The renewed colony boasts a fantastic urban park along with elegant cafes, the finest restaurants, art galleries and an assortment of specialty shops.

The entire area is a peaceful space featuring lush lawns and ficus trees. There are very nicely paved paths to navigate your way.

During the day, the area is magnificent but at night it really comes alive.

The Marketplace

Sarona food market

So Many Wonderful Choices

As soon as you enter the market, the smells and atmosphere will engulf your senses.

You will find here in the market anything your culinary heart desires.

  • Fresh local fish and seafood from the Mediterranean and Atlantic Ocean
  • Italian wines and balsamic vinegar
  • Imported cheeses from all over the world
  • French Champagne
  • Aromatic and unique spices from the Far East
  • Fresh local fruits and vegetables
  • Local wines and spirits
  • Local chocolates and pastries

The market offers a culinary center all under one roof offering the best food and selection of wine and spirits both locally and world wide.

Specialty Shops – The Finest from Israel and All Over the World

Sarona food market

I recently spent an afternoon there with my family and it was absolutely wonderful. We decided to eat in the market at an Asian and Sushi restaurant. The food was just amazing. Then, I recommend a stroll through through the village and enjoy the many specialty shops it has to offer. If it is your first time visiting the area, I recommend a free walking tour offered by the local municipality.

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Enjoy eating at the market.