So, this is the other Red Sea (not the one next to Eilat). My wife Karen enjoying the Kalaniyot blooming(Anemones in English) in Southern Israel in early February.

What is Darom Adom?

Its a truly amazing phenomenon in Israel; the Northwestern Negev (close to Gaza BTW) comes to life with the blooming of this breathtaking red Kalanyot, which happens to be the National Flower by the way. Many Israelis and tourists from all over come to visit and enjoy this unique happening that is usually very short lived. (a few months)

My wife has more of an appreciation of flowers than I. However, being an avid trail biker, listen up as this is an amazing time to enjoy some of the best trails in Israel.

The Darom Adom Festival has been developed as an annual event to celebrate this awesome gift of beauty that nature has give us. An absolute sea of scarlet red carpeting an area of the Northern Negev that is normally green or brown. The Daron Adom Festival this year runs from January 30th 2020 – February 27th 20o20. The festival will feature a great array of family-orientated activities that will be taking place in the Eshkol Region. And during the mid-week, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery in the region taking advantage of some of the activities while the region is quieter. This year the festival features mountain bike marathons, poetry readings, concerts every Thursday by Israeli artists, and much more.

Kibbutz Beeri

Kibbutz Beeri Bike Shop and Coffee

I have actually been to this area a few times. I chose to bring my own bike and wander through the endless trails enjoying the scenery along the way. The trails are very well marked and developed. You can also rent a bike from the shop on the Kibbutz. Beeri Printing is located on this Kibbutz and considered one of the largest and most successful in all of Israel.

Darom Adom Featured Events

  • Idan Raichel  one of Israel’s finest musicians (one of my personal favorites)  will be performing two concerts (27 and 29 February), at the Eshkol Municipality Hall, 08-9479225 for details. There are some other great concerts happening over each of the weekends, including Nasrin, Bari Sakharov, Balkan Beat Box, and Shlomi Shabban
  • The Kalanyot Run – February 14, at Shukda Forest. Enjoy 2, 5, 10 or 15km runs through some amazing scenery; call 050-6865808 for details.
  • Mountain Biking Marathon – at Kibbutz Be’eri on February 8 (to be confirmed). Open to all, choose from one of 3 routes, all taking place in one of Israel’s most beautiful bike tracks. For more details, call 077-7295716.
  • The Kalanyot Run – February 14, at Shukda Forest. Enjoy 2, 5, 10 or 15km runs through some amazing scenery; call 050-6865808 for detai

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Ne-see-ah Ne-ee-mah (Have a pleasant journey in Hebrew)