Swimming with dolphins? 

When I arrived in Eilat for the first time, I was blown away when I discovered you actually could (See Lisa’s story below).

Well, I am here to tell you, I have actually witnessed people as they swim with dolphins in their own natural habitat at the Dolphin Reef Eilat.


Swimming with Dolphins – My Personal Experience

I have been in love with dolphins from as far back as I can remember. So when I was on one of my visits to Eilat with my husband Ran I could not pass up the opportunity of swimming with dolphins – my life dream.

My scuba coach took me into the water (you do not need to be a qualified diver to scuba dive with the dolphins) and almost immediately I felt the presence of the dolphins around me before I even saw them.

At first they swam around us at a distance then slowly they came closer. My heart was almost jumping out of my body from excitement. The silence around me was so tranquil almost like being in a dream. The dolphins swam close enough to me so that I could reach out and touch their bodies, which are amazingly smooth.

Time almost stands still but actually before I knew it my time was up and we swam into shore. It is an expereince that I haven’t forgotten and hope soon to repeat, but more than anything I feel honoured that an opportunity like this is availabe for anybody like me. A dolphin lover.


Dolphin Reef Eilat

The Dolphin Reef Eilat is an ecological site where you have the unique opportunity to actually observe dolphins up close in their own natural habitat. A group of bottle-nose dolphins, including some born at the site, carry on their daily lives of hunting, mating, and playing.

As opposed to a zoo or a site like Seaworld, The Dolphin Reef enforces a strict policy of non-intervention. Dolphins frequently interact with human visitors, but it is up to the animals rather than you. Definitely jump in and swim with dolphins – just remember, they need to be in a playful mood too!

You can enjoy getting close to the dolphins from floating piers with observation decks that wind throughout the site. My son and I experienced this and stayed for literally hours. It was fascinating. The dolphins would intermittently surface so close that you could almost touch them.

The handlers are very knowledgeable about marine biology and the needs of the dolphins. They are eager to offer explanations about the animals’ unique behavior.

Interesting Fact: The dolphins actually seem to prefer being close and interacting with us, rather than isolating themselves. In fact, many animal therapists frequent the site with handicapped or traumatized patients with extraordinary responses from both the dolphins and treated humans.


The standard entrance fee includes general admission to the site, access to the private beach, observation of the dolphins from the floating piers, and viewing nature films.

Additional facilities at Dolphin Reef Eilat (not included):

  • Snorkeling and Diving Center
  • Restaurant
  • Cafe/Bar on the Beach
  • Relaxation Pools
  • Children’s Activity Center
  • Underwater Photography Center
  • Souvenir Shop

Top Top Tip: Don’t be a cheapskate like I was; spend the extra money (about $75-100 per person) and spend an unforgettable time swimming with dolphins underwater using scuba or snorkel equipment.

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T’ henu ! Have fun