Segway Tours in Israel

Our Segway Tours have been upgraded to EZ-Raiders Tours. Available only in Jerusalem at the moment. Childen below 16 can accompany the rider on a seat.
Check out this new city tour.

Highlights – Segway  Israel – Jerusalem and Tel Aviv

  • Segway tours are  the perfect way to see any urban city especially Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.
  • They are really fun, convenient, and easy to operate, not to mention just plain refreshing on a hot summer’s day.
  • We offer the largest fleet of the the most updated Segways in Israel.
  • Segways are fast becoming the vehicle of choice for tourism globally as they provide access to the narrowest alleyways and other prime locations unreachable by vehicle.  
  • Also, they are just plain FUN! 
  • Glide down the Tayelet (boardwalk) in Southern Tel Aviv/Yafo (port) featuring trendy restaurants, a playground, outdoor markets and exciting nightlife Or….
  • Enjoy the holy city of JerusalemThe Old and New City with amazing panoramic Views of Mount Olive, Mount Scopus, the Judean Desert, Dead Sea, and more…

Segway Israel

Personally, I have taken Segways in other locations in the United States; ie Chicago next to the shoreline in 2011. I have to tell you that my most recent Segway tour along the Tayelet (Boardwalk) in South Tel Aviv-Yafo was one of the best ever.

The combination of beautiful scenery as well as the sights, sounds, and smells of the area made me feel the pulse of the City without the need to spend the entire day on my feet. I have done numerous Tel Aviv walking tours and it is a fantastic experience for sure however if you want to experience everything in just a few short hours, you can’t beat the Segway….

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Have a great tour
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