So what is Masa Israel Journey anyway? I asked myself the same question when we were initially invited to attend a short seminar at our local Jewish Federation.

Masa programs connect Jewish young adults to gap year, study programs in Israel, post-college internship programs in Israel, and volunteer programs in Israel. No other organization makes it easier for young adults to have exciting, life-changing experiences in Israel.

These amazing Israel programs provide simple access to immersive experiences that are as varied as Israel itself and helps navigate the entire process at every step along the way. ‘Long term experiences in Israel can effectively shape and inspire the next generation of Jewish leaders and strengthen their connection to the Jewish people and to Israel’.

Masa, meaning journey in Hebrew is a cooperative effort of both the Israeli government and Jewish Agency for Israel that is made possible through generous donations from Jewish Agencies in North America and Keren Yayesod.

Live it like a local

A Brief History

The program was established in 2004 with the vision that all Jewish young adults would have the opportunity to spend a semester to a year in Israel. Through their hard work and dedication, they have grown the number of individuals participating in such programs from a few thousand each year to over 10,000 participants annually. Approximately 80% of their budget goes toward providing universal grants and needs-based scholarships to participants of affiliated programs to help alleviate the tuition burden. Because of their generosity, my daughter was able to participate in such a program.

MASA Program Finder

There are a wide range of programs to fit every need and interest and can help match you to the most appropriate option for your needs at this time of your life.

Interested in a Gap year program in Israel?
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Interested in a Study abroad/Post College in Israel?
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To find the program that is just for you Browse programs online through our Program Finder

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Masa Le’israel (Masa Israel Journey in Hebrew)!