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HAlf Day / Full Day

The town of Tzefat (Safed) is rich in history, spirituality and sights that can easily be viewed on a one day walking tour. We started our Tzfat – Walking Tour in the morning by exploring the Artist Quarter which we found by way of easy directional signs posted throughout the town. The Artist Quarter is a well-known area that is home to a variety of artists shops. You will find an endless array of Judaica art, jewelry, ceramics, paintings and much more by local artists.

Tzefat on Foot

As we walked through the Old City and began to feel hungry, we were directed to a small restaurant that we couldn’t pass up. There was a line at this special Yemenite restaurant where the owner and main chef, Ronen, serves up authentic Lachuchs – a delicious Yemenite fried pancake which contains vegetables, Yemenite spices, herbs and cheese if you like, folded and wrapped in foil to be eaten by hand – Yemenite “fast food”! The restaurant is small and often crowded, but there is a visitor’s center directly across that offers a bench where one can relax and view a ten minute film on Tzfat while enjoying lunch. There are brochures in English on activities and sights to see and a helpful English speaking guide to answer any questions.

After lunch, we continued walking through the Jewish Quarter where there are several ancient synagogues; one shop I highly recommend stopping is the Safed Candle Factory. There are many varieties of candles from animal figures, Hamsas, Hanukkah candles and candles for holiday and other special occasions.

From the Jewish Quarter, we walked to the main road, Jerusalem Street, where we took steps up and across to a grassy park-like area which is referred to as the Citadel. At the top of the Citadel is a memorial which is called the Veterans Memorial and features a great view of the entire city.

For an amazing panoramic view of the Sea of Galiee, Hula Valley, Biriya Forest, and the entire Galilee, I recommend climbing up to Mount Yavnit. It is located directly across the main road to Safed. You simply cross junction 3900 at the base of Safed mountain and follow the signs to the top. At the peak elevation of 905 meters, you will see the sign marking your destination.

An Amazing Experience

Tzfat; a fulfilling day of spirituality, delicious authentic Middle Eastern food, and wonderful views

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