OK, here it is… a collection of our top travel tips for a nearly stress free Israel vacation (traveling is always a bit stressful). My knowledge is based on years of experience both traveling to Israel as a tourist and living here. These are the “local Israel travel secrets” not found in the guide books. 

Top 5 Insider Tips for a Stress Free Israel Vacation

Hiking in the Judean Desert overlooking the Dead Sea

Hiking in the Judean Desert overlooking the Dead Sea


She looks pretty “chill” right? So please pay attention so I can share with you some really important tips to keep you relaxed and smiling on your next trip to Israel:

No Rental Cars

If you are planning to spend most of your time in Jerusalem or Tel Aviv, do yourself a favor and don’t rent a car. Use the Gett App instead to and from the airport and between cities. I recommend the train (Israil) or taxis within cities. Rental cars in Israel are really expensive mostly because of the insurance. You may receive a reasonable looking quote online only to find out that the mandatory Israeli car insurance is double the rental cost when you arrive at the car rental counter. Also, driving in Israel is not easy, especially in the cities. Israeli drivers are impatient and parking is scarce. If you are planning to travel in the North, then you will need a car but you can take a Car rental in Haifa.

Private Tour Guide or Package Tour

If this is your first visit to Israel and your group is relatively small (less than 4), then I strongly recommend these top Package tours . However, if you have a group of 4-6 or more, then surprisingly enough a Private Guide may actually be a much preferred option. A private guide will take you in his own SUV and show you the most fascinating non-mainstream attractions with a much more personal narrative. Even more, the cost may be the same or less than a large group tour but you will see and experience much more.

City of David

Yes, of course you will see the mainstream religious and historical attractions in Jerusalem’s Old City but do not miss the Biblical “City of David” The ancient capital city of the Israelites, with its incredible underground maze of tunnels and enormous fortifications of this precious waterway. I experienced this tour with a Private guide and it is a “must”.

Secluded Israel Beaches

Israeli beaches are some of the most amazing that I have ever seen however if you are not a big fan of the crowds then listen up. I personally find crowded beaches quite unappealing and it really affects the entire relaxing mood of a beach experience for me. If you feel the same, then Tel Aviv beaches during much of the season may not be for you. A walk on the Tel Aviv Tayelet (boardwalk) next to the beach with an amazing view of the Mediterranean is great but if you want a more tranquil experience, then check out some of my recommendations for some more less mainstream of Israelis top beaches.

Caesarea and the North

I find Israel’s North truly underrated and under appreciated. Yes, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and the Dead Sea are definitely places you want to visit for sure. However, amazing ancient sea ports like Caesarea, the city of Haifa, and the entire Golan Region are really magnificent as well. If your trip is planned for 8-10 days or more, then you must experience Northern Israel for sure.

See more Top 10 Israel Travel Tips – The “dos” and “don’ts” of travel within this country after your arrival. For more on preparing for your trip (pre-arrival) and navigating your way through the airport and customs, please see my top Travel to Israel FAQs.

Tippim Tovim (Best Tips in Hebrew)