Technology in Israel – So why do they call Israel the Startup nation. One very clear explanation could be that they boast the highest concentration of high tech companies in the world (over 3000) but there is so much more……

Technology in Israel – Necessity is the Mother of Invention

Start up Nation

Imagine a nation forced to immediately fight for its very survival from invading Arab armies, coupled with the urgency of providing basic needs to a population that tripled in the first decade of existence. Add to that, limited natural resources and a harsh dry climate.

It all sounds like impossible odds for most of us. But, Israel just 65 short years after its establishment, is currently considered one of the worlds most powerful technological and economic nations. In fact, in many areas, they are world leaders.

They continue to dominate globally  in Research and Development with the highest concentration of high tech and start up companies in the world; Intel, Microsoft, Phillips, just to name a few, all have major R&D facilities headquarted in Israel. Additionally, Israel has long standing cooperative Research and Development agreements with the United States, Canada, the EU, and other world powers.

Israeli Technology is a Daily Part of Your Life

Intel - home of the Pentium chip

I bet you didn’t realize that literally thousands of Israeli inventions and technologies are being used by most of us every single day.

The funny part is that you probably don’t even know it:

  • How did you find this page? Possibly using Google’s “instant Search” developed in Israel
  • The computer you are using may well contain a Pentium chip developed by Intel Israel
  • Saved your data on a removable storage device? Israel..
  • Most PC users have some type of Anti-Virus and Firewall software application protecting our valuable computers and data.
  • How about Instant Messaging (IM)?
  • Secure payments with Paypal, 

Yes Israeli technologies all of them and believe it or not, we still have not scratched the surface. In fact, Israel is a world leader in many industries including Agriculture, Solar Energy, Medical Instruments and Biotechnology, as well as Transportation.

Technology in Israel Spans Multiple Sectors

Agricultural Drip Irrigation from Netafim

Growing more with less - courtesy of Netafim

“Helping the world grow more with less”  is the slogan for an Israeli company Netafim who developed an ingenious system of drip irrigation and since 1966, have remained the global leader in micro and drip irrigation solutions.

Another example of an Israeli innovative irrigation technique that allows farmers to produce higher yield and healthier crops using less water, land, and energy for a sustainable future.

For many, this form of irrigation offers huge cost savings, but in Israel, the method was actually born out of absolute necessity as they endure long hot dry summers with little or no rainfall.

Solar Energy

The eTree in Ramat Hanadiv

Solar energy is really huge in Israel as they have ample sunshine almost year round. Their main airport Ben Gurion has a 50Kw solar power grid in place that it plans to expand in the future. In fact by 2020, Israel expects to have 10% of its total power supply from renewable energy.

For the average homeowner, solar power is actually a part of daily life with over 90% of residential residences using solar to heat water

With a growing population and no actual oil reserves, couple that with unstable relations with her neighbors, Israel, once again. is using solar power out of sheer necessity. They have limited options and that may well explain why Israeli engineers have been for years, at the forefront of solar energy technology.

First of its kind in the entire world and developed right here in Israel, 

Introducing the eTree…


If you enjoyed the video above, you are witness to a new Israeli technology. A completely self sustainable structure called the eTree invented and developed by Michael Lasry.

The first prototype unit was erected in Ramat Hanadiv gardens, which happens to be very close to where I live. I was fortunate enough to meet the owner of the company Sologic and developer of the eTree project on site.

Michael explained to me how the eTree is the first of its kind integrating art, environment, sustainability, and community. It is a self sustaining structure  that is erected on a customer site that can provide a shady place to sit and relax, complete with filtered water, and USB charging station. But more than that it is a model of  sustainability meant to promote awareness within the organization where it is installed, or the entire community for that matter.

For more, see this detailed full color brochure.

Technology in Israel Bio-Medical



How about a camera that you can swallow?

The Pillcam, developed by Israeli based Given imaging is actually a small camera in the shape of a pill that you can swallow used as a diagnostic tool for the entire gastrointestinal tract.

Currently, more than 1.5 million patients have experienced the benefits of this type of micro endoscopy. It offers physicians a much more accurate method of examining the ‘until now’ very difficult small apertures of the small intestine and bowel.

The concept actually originated by the IDF with their use of cameras used on the head of rockets or missiles to increase the accuracy in pinpointing targets and minimizing collateral damage.

Closure Systems

TopClosure® Tension Relief System (TRS) – an new and innovative Israeli medical technology for the management of wounds. TRS is intended to temporarily stretch skin tissues to aid closure and healing of post traumatic, surgical, acute and chronic skin wounds.

Transportation SkyTram

The sky tram

A new futuristic start-up idea from Israel.This is a major development. For the first time ever, a real economically viable solution that could massively reduce the nightmares of traffic, pollution, and car accidents. In Israel, it could bring together the entire country and greatly increase convenience and productivity. See more at,7340,L-4534209,00.html