An Amazing Rappelling Trip at Qumran

Let me tell you all about it….

First, you have to check out this amazing live video my son Aaron took on the side of a 42 meter (128 foot) cliff with his GoPro camera strapped to his helmet). 

The Hike up the Mountain and the Caves

We arrived early ( you have to especially in the Summer) at the Qumran National Park and geared up in the parking lot outside of the entrance. Many adventure tours in Israel as well as walking, hiking, and biking tours in Israel are in very well maintained parks and recreation areas. This one is no exception. At the entrance, there are very clean facilities with a full service restaurant and numerous stores featuring local products like genuine Ahava Dead Sea products.

Starting the climb - Rappelling at Qumran

A very healthy hike (you will burn a few calories) but pleasant winding trail takes you up the mountain. As you ascend, I strongly recommend you take notice of the incredible views along the way, especially the view of the Qumran cave where the Dead Sea scrolls were discovered. See more at Qumran.

It’s time to take the plunge.

Hard to believe, but its not really scary at all. Our guide Avner is a licensed and insured adventure tour guide and he knows exactly what he is doing. He makes no shortcuts when it comes to safety. He actually secures two ropes to steel loops embedded in the mountain rock; one is the rappelling rope or (Hevel Glisha) and the other a safety rope that he has control of. Both of the ropes are secured to a body harness. You start off walking backwards and leaning back into the harness and you can instantly feel that you are secure.

As you descend, you use one hand to release the line slowly and steadily. All the time, you control the rate of descent. Your feet are basically pushing your body away from the wall of the mountain rock. As you enjoy the fresh air and sunshine, it is a feeling of total relaxation and peace yet exhilaration as well.

Top Tips and Recommendations

  • Set your GPS or Waze to Park Leumi Qumran גן לאומי קומרן
  • There is a fee to pay on entry to the nature reserve as well as the fee for your private guide.
  • Leave early and start early (especially in the hotter summer months (May-October)
  • DO NOT enter this trail without a licensed rappelling instructor
  • Sun Protection – hat, sunglasses, sunscreen
  • Light loose comfortable clothing (Jeans not recommended) with bathing suit below
  • Plenty of water- 3-4 Liters or 1.5 gallon per person
  • Hiking Shoes – Comfortable shoes with a closed toe (no sandals or flip flops)
  • Food – I recommend something light –  fruit and energy bars (waterproof packaging)
  • Lightweight hiking backpack to carry everything
  • Our guide Avner carries a specific insurance only available to licensed guides called HaCashra.

Lisa and Bruce with Avner the licensed guide

Rappelling in the Golan Heights and other Adventure Tours.

If you enjoyed the Rappeling in the Golan Heights then I’m sure you’ll enjoy Rappelling the Black Ravine on the Golan Heights. For more Adventure tours in Israel, I recommend Jeep tours with my friend Atar, Hot Air Ballooning, Road or Trail Riding, and much much more. Our friend and licensed guides Avner and Atar specialize in these type of trips for the adventure seeking crowd.


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