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Type of Hike:

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All Year Round (early morning in summer /not after rains in the winter)

Family – kids 5+

30 mins climb down 45 climb back

April-September 8-5
October-March 8-4
Fridays and Holiday eves: 8-3
Last entrance to reserve: two hours before closing times.

One of my favorite of the little hikes is the Hexagon Pool (Meshushm) in the Yehudiya Nature Reserve. Situated north of the Sea of Galilee and of the small community called Had Ness on road 888, the pool is located at the bottom of a deep canyon, walled in with hexagonal basalt rock formations, flowing water and cascades.

You’ll find easy access by road to a car parking area which has a kiosk, toilets and picnic tables. The entry charge to the park is around 18 NIS ($5) per adult and 12 NIS ($3.50) for children.

It is a fun hike, not too long, and the view is spectacular as you head down into the gorge overlooking the pool. The water is very cold, but amazingly refreshing especially during the hot summer months.

Jumping from the rocks is essentially prohibited by the authorities, so do take care. I let my kids climb up the side of the canyon and jump, just as long as there is an adult with them to supervise and help them out.

Meshushim Pool – Top Tips and Recommendations

  • Search Meshushim Pool parking or Brichat Meshushim  on your Waze to GPS.
  • Hiking or water shoes – Your shoes will get wet through some sections of the trail so be prepared.
  • Water – Minimum 1-2 Liters per person or 1 Gallon. I always prefer a Camel back.
  • Sun Hat /Sun Screen-  Many areas are not shaded
  • Food – Picnicking is not allowed so I recommend you just bring water and a quick snack with you down to the pool.Do not buy ice cream at the kiosk until you come back from the pool. The thought of a scrumptious, cooling ice cream is exactly what you will need to entice the kids (and yourself!) on the tiring climb out of the canyon.
  • Depending on how much you enjoy the water, spend a couple of hours at the pool, which will give you plenty of time to set up a picnic lunch in the area.
  • Bathing suit or water suitable shorts if you want to take a cool dip
  • Bathrooms – There are some near the parking area, but none near the pool or trail so be prepared.

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