If you found the image above irresistible  and mouth watering, then please indulge yourself with my latest and greatest secret travel gem…

Kibbutz Ein Carmel, only about 15 minutes south of Haifa, on the coast is a place I am sure you will never find in any travel brochure or mainstream tour guide, I am pretty sure most Israelis are not familiar as well. Nonetheless,

 You need to check t this place out..


Amazing Iron Works

Amazing Iron Works


A perfect stopover on your way to the North, this Kibbutz is a truly unique and authentic Artist’s village. Featuring exclusive works in Iron, wood, Basalt and glass from local Artisans, the village is “everyone friendly” while the adults wander around the workshops and sculpture gardens, children can chase the peacocks and enjoy nature; Adults as well. Ein Carmel offers something that many museums and art centers have forgotten; simplicity, authenticity, and pure art!

A huge added bonus is Cafe Zahara located in the center of the Kibbutz, offering up the freshest, local vegetarian dishes in a casual, rural setting, surrounded by the artist studios and workshops.

The cafe design is open and retro. The food is fantastic, fresh farm to table quality ingredients. We tried the salad with the greens and cranberries which is refreshing and tasty. Also, a vegan Curry dish with just the right mix of flavors and spice. Sorry, no meat served here but believe me they have plenty of unique  vegetarian and vegan dishes that you won’t find anywhere else.  Their dairy desert and cheesecake with the caramel is amazing! Also, the Cafe Afuch (Latte’ as pictured above) is a perfect ending to a satisfying meal. The servers are very relaxed and friendly as well. 

We came for lunch and spent some time enjoying the outdoor sculptures, meeting a local Jewelry designer in his shop, and visiting  the many Peacocks adjacent to the artist village. The place is not crowded at all so you may want to

Keep this secret just between us…