Want a really great place known mostly by locals. Check out Hamat Gader on your next visit to Israel… 

Natural Thermal Hot Springs reaching almost 120 Deg. F. (50 Deg. C.), this is one of the most amazing places I have ever visited. But here’s the best part…

Most tourists coming from abroad don’t know about it; primarily only locals (Israelis). Until now that is..

I am so pleased to share this “Israel Travel Secret” with you.

Hamat Gader is located in the Golan Heights next to the Jordanian border. It’s funny, when we get close to the site, I start picking up Jordanian radio channels and my cell phone provider asks if I am traveling abroad.

In addition to the thermal springs, Hamat Gader also features an exotic animal Park hosting the only Crocodile Farm in the Middle East.



Dating back thousand of years to the Roman times, renowned Rabbis, prominent Greek and Roman historians and philosophers enjoyed this amazing place. The main Thermal Spring looks like a huge swimming pool but as you enter the water, you will immediately realize this is something special. Your entire body begins to relax and melt into the therapeutic sulfur waters (4.7% Sulfur) that are known for their skin, asthma, and rheumatism benefits.

Surrounding the main Spring pool, there is a boutique hotel, Siam Restaurant and other eateries, gift shop, and full service spa where you can enjoy some serious pampering treatments. There are also children’s treatments available and packages for couples including a complementary glass of champagne.

I have been there on a few separate occasions with my family. We usually spend part or half the day exploring the Exotic Farm and Crocodiles and then relax by  the Springs the remainder of the day.

See more at Hamat Gader.

Enjoy and keep this travel secret between us..

Just kidding