Dimona Israel is the third largest city in the Negev with over 33,000 residents and growing. Originally, a development town created under the leadership of David Ben Gurion during the 1950s, this town was initially settled by immigrants from Northern Africa and in more recent years, many Russian immigrants as well. It is situated south of Beersheba and west of the Dead Sea equidistant about 36 Km. (22 miles).

However, this infamous desert town is most popularly known to the outside world as the location of Israel’s “secret nuclear weapons” facility. Actually there is a Negev Nuclear research center located about 13 km. (8 miles) southeast of the town. The purpose of this facility is assumed to be the manufacture of nuclear weapons although Israel does not confirm or deny this claim. My cousin Avishai was actually stationed there during his military service and refuses to discuss it as well. So, I guess you can draw your own conclusions.

What is there to see and do in Dimona?:

Mamshit, now a National Park and Unesco World Heritage Site, is a Nabatean city historically known as the place where Arabian horses were bred and raised. It is the smallest of the Negev’s Nabatean cities, but many consider it the best restored. It contains uniquely restored architectural elements that you won’t find in any other place. On your visit, you will evidence this first hand due to the restoration of the streets, as well as the terraces, courtyards, and rooms comprised of stone with strong arch ceiling supports.

Don’t Miss: The Nabatean floodwater dam over Mamshit Stream. It is about a one hour hike with great views.

mamshit national park and unesco world heritage site

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Bikor Na’im (Have a nice visit)