Dead Sea black mud is probably one of the cosmetics industry’s best kept secrets. As you imagine, we recommend going straight to the source for a natural dose. Still, you might be surprised to find out many cosmetics products actually package the stuff and send it just around the corner from you. Of course, if you’d like to get your skin tingling right now, we’ll recommend a few on-line retailers as well.

Soap, Facial Masks, and Bath Salts – all extracted from the Dead Sea’s natural black mud.

Rich in Dead Sea mineral mud, soap, bath salts and facial masks based on the area’s natural healing power are available all over the world. Absorbed by the skin, these minerals cleanse and tighten the pours for a remarkably rejuvenating sensation. They come in a variety of concentrations for normal, oily, or especially dry skin. Specialty shops will let you try each out to see which works best on your skin.

Ahava Dead Sea products

Mud – Seriously….

Is it possible that something we perceive in modern culture like mud was once considered to contain magical powers by many cultures over thousands of years (See past cultures of the Dead Sea)?   For beatifying and cleansing no less… Obviously,  they were much smarter than you might think. In reality, the minerals found in the Dead sea and Dead Sea mud in particular, are known to possess magical healing and beauty enhancing qualities.

Where did it come from…

The mud from the Dead sea was formed tens of thousands of years ago, when tons of sediments accumulated into the sea floor. These sediments contained salts that to this day prevent the sea from cultivating flora or any living thing for that matter thereby branding it the Dead Sea are now embedded in the mud and harvested for you.

Important ! We are not doctors, so if you suffer from a skin condition or are easily susceptible to allergies, consult a health care professional to make sure you’re using the product that’s right for your skin.

So relax, try out the black mud in a form that’s right for you, and definitely let us know how it made you feel. Personally, we prefer just going to the source and actually smearing the stuff directly on your body. But of course, we’re the locals, and a bit biased 🙂


Dead Sea Black Mud Products

Ahava Dead Sea Products
AHAVA Dead Sea Kit

AHAVA DERMUD Intensive Duo Kit: Hand & Foot Cream (Dry Skin)

Bring the magic of the Dead Sea as a gift to that special person in your life! Attractively wrapped, these products will enhance beauty and well being. There is a:

  • Fragrant hand cream. Its Dead Sea minerals nourish, soften and smooth
  • Quality foot cream whose Dead Sea minerals impart a glowing sense of well-being
AHAVA Extreme Night Treatment Oil

Extreme Night Treatment Oil

AHAVA offers this highly concentrated anti-wrinkle night treatment oil. It contains rich minerals from the Dead Sea. It works whilst you sleep, smoothing away wrinkles and keeping your skin firm and soft.

Approved for sensitive skin. Allergy Tested. Paraben free.

AHAVA Eye Concentrate Youth and Cellular Energizing Serum

AHAVA Eye Concentrate Youth and Cellular Energizing Serum

This innovative, ultra-replenishing day cream and melting rich night cream elevates sagging skin and refines facial contours. Deep wrinkles begin to fade and youthful radiance returns. Clinically approved UVA, UVB and ex-vivo measured Infra Red protection is achieved with our SPF 20 Broad Spectrum coverage.

More about the Dead Sea from Israel Travel Secrets.

Labri’ut – (to health in hebrew)