The Recent Discoveries of the ancient city of David and Jerusalem in a day….

No other place on the planet captures the minds, hearts, and spirituality like Jerusalem; Period…

I simply can’t wait to share with you our recent one day private tour with Moshe. See the amazing details to follow along with a booking form for you to enjoy the same experience.


Highlights – City of David and Jerusalem

  • Biblical “City of David” The ancient capital city of the Israelites, with its incredible underground maze of tunnels and enormous fortifications of this precious waterway. Just look with awe at the protective towers nearly 4000 years old!
  • Stories of wars, religion, architecture, touch history with your eyes and fingers. See beautiful palaces burnt by the Romans.
  • Learn about the habits, traditions and daily life of the people of Jerusalem through the generations, and its obvious impact to this very day.
  • The colors and smells of the markets
  • Where is the legendary King of David burial site ?
  • Why has his original burial site been relocated and by whom?
  • What is the holiest site for most Christian denominations ?
  • What happened to the last Jewish residents of the old Jewish quarter in 1948?
  • Learn about the huge dilemma of the leader of this fledgling country with regard to this ancient holy city.
  • In brief, at the end of this day you feel so much closer and much more familiar with this amazing city!

City of David


Walk through the mysterious illuminated darkness of Hezekiah’s Tunnel, where water has flowed since the time of the prophets. Lower yourself down to the hidden spring where kings were crowned. Join the mysterious, magical journey between ancient shafts, walls and fortresses at the City of David, and the original place where Jerusalem was born. Pass through the underground tunnels where the city was conquered and where its riginal residents fled.

Do you know?

  • Where is the original King David burial site and where they claim he is buried? They are not the same. Why?
  • What is the holiest site in the world for most Christian denominations?
  • What happened to the last Jewish residents of the old Jewish quarter in 1948 prior to Israel’s independence?
  • What huge dilemma did David Ben Gurion face as the first leader of this fledgling country in regard to this ancient holy city,

You will have the answers to these questions and much more at the end of our tour and will not believe it. I guarantee at the end of this day you will feel so much closer and much more familiar with this amazing city !
I surely did…

Abbey of the Dormition


  • Pick up at your Jerusalem hotel in my large utility vehicle and transportation to and from the Old City and the City of David (if needed).
  • You will be accompanied at all times by a bilingual licensed tour guide who speaks fluent English (Me). Some say I am even pretty funny. Please see more about Moshe.

Not Included

  • Meals and Snacks
  • Entrance fees to the Kotel tunnels and City of David


  • All tours are custom tailored for you
  • Larger mini bus can be arranged for groups larger than six
  • Recommended season: All year round
  • Best places to buy souvenirs at wholesale prices
  • Trip length: All day
  • More amazing private tours with Moshe.

Meeting Point

Zion Gate at the entrance to the Old City. Pick up from your Jerusalem hotel is possible. Parking is quite convenient at this location.

Additional Information

  • Price $600.00 U.S.D. per tour for the entire group.
  • Up to six people in my vehicle; a mini bus can be arranged for groups of seven or more.
  • Note: Sunscreen, hat and closed shoes are advisable. Water (at least 2 liters per person), and appropriate long sleeves and trousers for ladies is mandatory to visit the Western wall and religious sites

Let’s make memories together to cherish for a lifetime…..


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