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Northern Judean Desert


Recommended all year round


1-5 hours

April-September 8 A.M.-5 P.M.
October-March 8 A.M-4 P.M.
On Fridays and holiday eves 8 A.M.-3 P.M.
Last entrance to the reserve: two hours before the above closing time.

Adult NIS 29; child NIS 15;
Israeli senior citizen: 50% discount
Group (over 30 people):
Adult: NIS 23: child NIS 14

The park is located off the Bet Shemesh-Kiryat Gat road (no. 35) opposite Kibbutz Bet Guvrin.

08-681-2957; 08-681-1020
For additional information on events and tours: *3639

A visit to Bet Guvrin National Park is a great family day out for all ages. The park is located 13km east of Kiryat Gat and covers a large area , 1,250 acres, that include the ancient ruins of the town Maresha from the time of the first Temple era.

When first entering the park, it will not seem obvious that there is anything to see. But actually it is under the ground where all the interesting sites are. Archaeologists have found caves and water cisterns that date as far back as the 3rd Century BCE.

The important historical archaeological site includes a large Jewish cemetery, a Roman-Byzantine amphitheater, a Byzantine church, public baths, mosaics, burial caves and 3 Columbarium Caves (used for raising doves).

There are activities all year round for families and particularly children from ‘Dig for a Day’ to interactive historical and nature activities that take part inside the caves and all around the park.


Dig for a Day
The ‘Dig for a Day’ program runs three hours and is perfect activity for the family. The activity includes: digging, sifting, pottery examination and touring the National Park of Beit Guvrin with an exciting crawl through unexcavated cave systems. Wear clothes that can get dirty and closed shoes, and bring water to drink. Do not bring valuables with you. Children under five years old are the parents’ absolute responsibility

The Society for the Protection of Nature also run activities from the Beit Guvrin National Park. On the day I visited with my family they released back into nature injured Storks that had been nursed back to health, measured and tagged. They invited the visitors to the park that day to take part in the release of the birds, allowing the children to stroke the birds whilst giving an explanation of the work they do with the birds.

Additional Information

There will be more activities around the schools holidays so always call or check up on the internet the schedule for that particular holiday.
Bet Guvrin National Park or The Society for the Protection of Nature

Opening Hours:

Call for reservations and times. 02-586-2011

Ticket Prices:
For the Dig for a Day (doesn’t include park entry)
Adults: $30
Children (5-14) $25


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