Jerusalem pictures – With literally thousands of archaeological sites, dozens of museums, and countless things to see, do and experience, Jerusalem or “Jerusalem of Gold” as it is often called offers some amazing photo opportunities. 

Now, let us share some of our favorites with you!

Our Favorite Jerusalem Pictures

Not only is Jerusalem the capital of Israel, it also happens to be spiritual center to all three major religions; Christianity, Judaism, and Islam offering visitors from all over the world a unique experience they will cherish for a lifetime. Many visitors come back from Israel changed forever and ready to make a return trip.

Awesome in its natural beauty and unique architecture, Jerusalem will take you back in time and thus It is not sufficient to just see this 5000 year old timeless city, you “must experience it” either in person or through our photo gallery.

One of the unique characteristics of this city is the use of Jerusalem stone. You will notice in our pictures that all the buildings in the city have a similar look as they are all built from the same local stone – from the Western Wall built 3000 years ago to today’s modern buildings. I would definitely recommend hiring good tour guide to show you around the city.

Of course there is not substitute for a visit to Israel, but just in case, we would like to share with you some of our favorite pictures of Jerusalem.

Click here for gallery of the Western Wall and Kotel Tunnels

We hope you have enjoyed our photos of Jerusalem. As I said, Lisa and I are always discovering new places and things to photograph.

Of course, that is not a substitute for visiting in Israel in the near future. With limitless things to do and see, you will find yourself wanting more and more.

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Pictures of Jerusalem (Tmunot shel Yerushalayim)